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Air nozzles


LechlerRU-Shop:/images/02_produkte/industrie/content/luftduesen_uebersicht.jpg As a rule, any flat fan or solid stream nozzle can be operated with air instead of liquid. However, you'll obtain the best results using the nozzle designs we specially engineered for applications of compressed air or saturated steam. For further details, please refer to the next pages.
In addition to air, various nozzle types are also suited for injecting saturated steam. Typical applications of Lechler air nozzles are, for instance, efficient blowing off and blowing out, cooling, drying or cleaning.


Whisperblast® multi-channel air nozzles

Where uncontrolled compressed air is applied, very often annoying, high-frequency hiss noises arise, which may cause serious harm to hearing. These "noises" are produced by turbulences generated at the air outlet. Their intensity depends on the shape of the nozzle orifice and on the air pressure. This means: the better and stronger the air jet is supposed to be, the higher the health-injuring noise level and the higher the air consumption and its cost.

The solution: Lechler multi-channel air nozzle
featuring a significantly reduced soand level, high blowing power and low air consumption.
The performance of multi-channel air nozzles is based on partitioning the air inflow into single air jets. 16 air channels, arranged to ensure optimum flow conditions, provide for a particularly uniform, straight and powerful overall air jet.


In comparison to single-hole air nozzles the advantages are as follows:

  • Reduction of the noise level of up to 12 dB
  • Low service air pressure with the same blowing power
  • Lower air consumption
  • Better blowing effect over a long reach
  • Lower operating costs


LechlerRU-Shop:/PDF/lg.gif Product overview / technical data: Air nozzles [PDF]