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Tank cleaning nozzles


Whatever you have to clean, from small containers up to big tanks, Lechler offers for nearly every application a large choice of tank cleaning nozzles.

Lechler tank cleaning nozzles work without expensive and defectprone remote drive systems. They are self-rotating and driven by the cleaning fluid. Most types are available in stainless steel as well as in numerous other materials, e.g. PVDF.

The ingenious design of the orifices insures a powerful cleaning and low water consumption at the same time.



Your Advantage 
Reduced cleaning time and lower costs. With Lechler tank cleaning nozzles – either as fixed installation for CIP applications or in transportable plant – you solve your cleaning problems economically and lasting.


LechlerRU-Shop:/PDF/lg.gif Product overview / technical data [PDF]: Tank cleaning nozzles [PDF]